Sep 9, 2013

Tips Hunt

One is on the table in the back.
One right and one left.
It was too easy?

Sep 1, 2013

small hunt

Small hunt of September.

My store was opened in September a few years ago.
However, in September, which is in this world I third time.
Therefore, I hid a three 1L-gift. (Very easy)
 * They are included in the cans. Please look for a can of three.

In addition ......
At the end of the summer, Gacha straw hat is offered at half price.

It is on display at the single item in Market if you want to choose and buy.
(However, it is not in all color.)



Aug 13, 2013


Sale of secret.
This is a campaign of only the main store.
(Market-place usually price)

Product so marked is 50%OFF
The end of August ...

Aug 12, 2013

New release in midsummer

The hot every day. It's very hot. . .
So! I made ​​a summer clothes.

The image of a resort or seaside.....

Aug 3, 2013

The challenge in the making of a kimono by mesh.

These are made of mesh that will fit summer festival!
Packing by three-set is a special price.



Obi and yukata, if you want individually each
Right-clicking the object and selecting "Pay".

*)Sandals of colors to suit it is included with the yukata.

OBI can enjoy the combination.
Therefore, there is a fat pack.

Jun 17, 2013

Release of last week

I made ​​a long skirt maxi length.
Since there was no tops to match, further, I have also made bra top.

&...the sun visor Gacha
(Half price until the end of June.)

Jun 2, 2013

...... from back here

I've learned a lot.
I did some creative.
First, in the beginning ......
Tank top dress.

and then, evolution to some items from there

On the basis of these, items of gift was made.

May 30, 2013

established a lucky board.

Bloodstains was too much?

There is also a nurse costume normal.

 Stethoscope gifts 1L $

May 26, 2013

I came back to SL.

 I was able to come back to this world.

Every day I am amazed at the variety of evolution.
Little by little, I will try to make many works as before.